Indian cyber Institute In Ratnagiri

Excellent computer Education In association with Indian cyber Institute for the first time in Ratnagiri district

Courses Available are:

  • Certificate course on ethical hacking & cyber security professional
  • Certified course in cyber Crime investigation
  • Certificate course in cyber law
  • Advanced program in cyber law
  • Certified penetration training expert

Certificate Course on Introduction to Cyber law

Cyber Crimes are Crime’s carried out by the use of cyber space (unlawful acts carried out with or without the use of internet) which consists of virtual and physical infrastructures that governs the entire cyber space.

With the advent of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), the globe that had appeared to be massive once, has now shrunk to a size, which is reachable by one’s fingertips. The use of Internet and the creation of World Wide Web have been a tipping point and have opened floodgates for mass scale development that was a distant dream for human beings. Of all the wonderful revolutions that the universe has adopted and transformed itself into, the revolution brought about by the Information and Technology and its exponential growth has proved to be of a colossal proportion the advantage and the dynamics of which is enjoyed by the networking netizens all around the globe.

Never ever had mankind encountered such a stupendous exposition to a hub of knowledge and seamless connectivity with the entire human race, which has annihilated the geographical boundaries that once were looked upon as hindrance for growth and development.